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For any youngster in Manchester, education is one of the most important steps to development. With a fantastic school system in the metropolitan area, Manchester-based families can find it easy to send their children to a school around here. The choice and consistent quality means that you can be assured that your child is getting the kind of education that they deserve. However, education can bring many challenges for children from deprived or challenged backgrounds.

For example, problems at school level can lead to decisions being made with immense consequences. If your child, aged 11-16, has suffered in secondary school and has done something to be excluded, help exists. The Manchester Settlement offers a chance for children in this position to receive the vital education that they need and deserve to make sur they have a strong, stable academic future ahead of them.

A mistake at such a developmental age should never be enough to leave your child incapable of learning. Instead, we make sure there is always a means for your child to enjoy a deeper, more lasting education. With one-to-one group support provided, we offer the ear that your child needs to find support and to work through their frustrations.

While many children feel like they “hate” school, they tend to hate the extras that go with school. Everyone wants to better themselves, and children who do not try in school are usually some of the most desperate to improve. What we look to do is offer a session that allows your child to enjoy a more progressive learning experience than they get at the moment. Why, though, is this so important?

The Benefits of Education For Excluded Students

  • It stops your child from being cut off from learning. Expulsion is too serious, so we look to find a solution that allows your child to continue their development.
  • This also stops your child from being seen as a risk in later life. A poor education means it’s harder to find employment opportunities, so we help to make sure that your child has an educational background to help improve their prospects as life continues on.
  • Support from an adult can be vital. Most schools are too crowded and challenging for teachers to deliver the time, support and aid needed to every student. We look to try and fill that gap up, offering a solution that gives your child the chance to talk about things they might otherwise ignore.
  • We also make sure that what they are learning can be used to improve their quality of life in the years to come. By imparting the vital skills need to make their way in the world, we make sure that living life independently and with the ambition to find a path in life is a simple endeavour.

The days of having to worry about your child missing out on an education could be gone. Come and speak to our team today: we may be able to help you find the solution that you need to really push on from the current, far more serious, situation


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