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At Manchester Settlement, we do our best to offer a solution for parents who are required to work to earn enough to survive but are in need of childcare at a very affordable cost.  Not only is can we provide an After School Club but also have school holidays covered with our New Roundhouse Holiday Club. These events run after school during the school term to ensure that children have somewhere safe to go. It can keep them fed, happy and entertained until you can finish your day to come and pick them up.


This allows parents the vital ability to both make a living to help, without seeing that living quashed by childcare costs. With programs running from 8.00am-6.00pm on the holidays, too, we can make sure that weekdays do not need to become costly for you. Childcare becomes much easier to work with when you know that it isn’t leaving you in need of more hours at work just to afford to be able to work in the first place.


The societal dilemmas that face people are like no time that came beforehand. For that reason, childcare has become increasingly difficult to manage and prepare for. When trying to run and afford a home, it can become another stress that you need to deal with at one stage.


To get around that problem, childcare through Manchester Settlement can offer an easy way to make sure that you have the chance to develop as well as the opportunity to raise a family. You should not need to choose one or the other: and with our aid, that can finally become the case.


This is a service that is set up to help make sure that children can experience new and exciting activities, too. From the ability to utilize their artistic side to engaging with IT equipment in a way they might not have the chance to at home, childcare can be the first steps toward your child getting access to tools that could serve them for life.


We help to offer a wide range of activities to make sure that those using our Openshaw premises know their children are being looked after. Our duty of care is to help children educate themselves, to experiment with items they don’t get elsewhere, and to really find out who they want to be in life.


As a parent, it can be hard to juggle every responsibility and do it right each and every time. With a solution to managing weekdays when you need to work and push on, you can use the Manchester Settlement to make everyone happier. For more information and advice about how to best work with us for the most reliable childcare arrangement, please come and speak to our team today.


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