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Roundhouse Pantry

If you would prefer to speak to someone in person - call our friendly reception team 9.30 - 5pm to register


Will be a Good Grub Food Hub for those needing help to purchase affordable fresh food at a fraction of what the supermarkets charge.

The membership can be done online or in reception at The Roundhouse - 1328 Ashton Old Road 0161 974 1300

Once you have registered you will recieve a text message each week asking if you would like to reserve another pack of food

Packs can be collected on a Tuesday afternoon

The parcels will consist of fresh fruit and Veg. Bread, Milk, Cereal, canned food, meats i.e. chicken, pork, beef whatever is available to order including vegan and other request, ready meals, drinks and even toiletries, nappies and some household supplies like washing powders etc.

These parcels will cover at least 5 days’ worth of 3 meals a day, breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Some weeks it could be 7 days’ worth.
Depending on stock availability.

Parcel 1 £5 to suit a single person
Parcel 2 £10 to suit a family of 3
Parcel 3 £15 and will feed a family of up to 6
Parcel 4 £20 for a family of 6 +