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We are looking for Charity Trustees

All charities have boards of voluntary trustees who are tasked with helping to drive the charity forward to improve.

Manchester Settlement has a strong board of trustees, some people have been with us a long time, and others less so, but all are comittted to using their skills and connections to further our charitable work.

A rare opportunity has arisen for new people to join our board of trustees, and we are promoting this with people who are connected to our charity in some way, either as parents of children, or as members of the local community.

The ask of a trustee
To attend approximately 6 meetings per year held at 5.30pm To attend an annual half day development session
To bring support and challenge to meetings - to help the charity develop
To contribute to more specific parts of charity management dependent on your skills/ interests - maybe you are intersted in IT, finance, marketing or one of our service areas
To engage in online Trustee training
To be able to commit to the role for at least 3 years

Skills/ Experiences we currently need
We are interested to hear from anyone that truly cares about the success and potential of our charity
- that is the main thing. We are also interested in people that professional skills related to

Finance/ Accounting Digital
Childrens Services Community Health Services
Engaging with BAME communities

What you get back
Our trustees report a great deal of pleasure in being able to convert their life or work skills into supporting a local charity, delivering outcomes every day in our local community.
Increased skills - maybe you are looking to develop yourself in your current or future career, operating as a trustee is great evidence for job applications

More information
You can look at our full charity offer on our website Information on the role of a trustee can be found in various places online, but here is a good start

The process
If you are interested, or have some questions, please complete the very basic online form here. I hope to arrange an evening information session for those that are interested.

Finally, please feel free to forward this on to other people you know that you think may be interested

My very best wishes Adrian Ball
Chief Executive