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J was initially referred as a high need, hard to reach young man, who struggled with authority, had frequent unplanned periods away from home and refused to attend medical appointments and college.
After arranging to meet with J a number of times in preparation for his assessment interview, it was found that J was struggling because he had not been allowed to see his younger sibling after they had both experienced a very traumatic period, held by force in another country. The interview team and the social worker worked with J to detail what he wanted to achieve if he moved into the service and dates were set against each target. An agreement to move in was approved and over the next few months J worked with staff to set up dates and times to see his sibling, attend planned medical appointments with the support of the team, is now attending a ready to work college course and has received permission to remain in the country from the Home office. He now plans to enrol onto a 2-year course at college to complete his GCSEs as his future goal is now to attend university.

B was very nervous about being in England, frightened that she would be returned to her country of birth at any minute, very keen to learn English and to find paid employment so she could fulfil her dreams of becoming a nurse. Over time we have worked with B to grow in confidence, to access her Home Office permission to remain in the country, access the college and whilst B has suffered some ill health of late, she is still keen to finish her college course and move to London to start her nursing course in London.

A had suffered a terrible journey to England leading to a number of health-related conditions that he lives with now. A is however determined to take the opportunities he feels he has been given and if very focused on college, volunteering to help others, particularly supporting older people in our community. He has successfully gained his ‘right to remain’, attends two separate college courses to increase his understanding of English and Maths so he has a greater chance of accessing university and a career in IT development when he’s older

P is one of the young people who have been stuck in the system while waiting for their immigration status to be confirmed. He has made the most out of our service being one of the first to graduate from a shared house to an individual flat, attending courses such as first aid and tenancy training to build his skills, and also attending and eventually helping to lead group sessions with our Horizons project. He has used his experiences to help to shape our service by attending customer meetings and given useful and constructive suggestions.
He has also built great connections with our partners at the leaving care service, becoming their resident DJ for events such as the free clothing led by Boo Hoo. He has completed a college course and is now well on the way to getting a place at university, as well as volunteering and advocating for his peers with the Children’s Society.
P was given leave to remain in mid-March, he has now completed his Manchester Move application and is hoping to be moved on as soon as possible after the Covid 19 crisis has passed.