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Our Manchester

A community that supports, connects and celebrates together

What is Our Openshaw?

Over 20 community organisations in Openshaw coming together to develop the “Our Openshaw” brand and community activity programme.

Let’s make our Openshaw even better


Getting Involved

Community organisations are reliant upon the generous offers of time and resources from people that understand the benefits that come from getting involved and helping other

Community Helpers

If you don’t feel like formal volunteering is quite for you, but you could imagine helping out a neighbour, or at an event you might want to join our register of Community Helpers.

In 2023 we will be looking for people to help with programmes such as

  1. Telephone calls to isolated local people

  2. Event marshals at a new Openshaw Festival

  3. Helpers at food projects

  4. Helpers at fundraising events

Donating Locally

Of course we know that times are very difficult for everyone, but everyone of these organisations is a locally rooted, and doesn’t benefit from the big fundraising campaigns that you see from National charities. If you make any charitable donations, we would ask you to think positively about donating locally. Your few pounds will have a much greater impact on smaller local organisations, and if you get involved you can see how the money is spent

Skill Sharing

Do you have a skill from your work or personal life that could help a local organisation?

  1. Could you help an Arts group explore a new craft?

  2. Could you help a group with an IT or marketing problem?

  3. Could you spare some time to help a local group with painting a room

  4. Become a trustee of a local charity – bringing your skills to help them develop

  5. If you are a business – could you or an employee spare some time?

Local Voice

A better, friendlier, healthier more prosperous Openshaw will take the collective efforts of lots of local people who are positive about getting involved to improve matters – one step at a time. In 2023 we are hoping to work on.

  1. A new forum for local people to jointly plan for improvements with the council, police etc

  2. An Openshaw Festival – to focus on the positive

  3. Delivery of a range of projects that actively support listening and joint problem solving


If you feel ready to commit to something a little more regular, then do contact local organisations to see how you could get involved with a role
such as these. Volunteering is always by choice, but comes with great benefits, you will be trained and supported, and you will meet lots of new people.

  1. Food project assistant

  2. Youth and play worker

  3. Community centre assistant

  4. Litter Picker / community gardener

  5. Career mentor

  6. Befriender

  7. Arts Worker

  8. Admin assistant

  9. Shop assistant

Our Openshaw Guide