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Manchester Settlement’s work would not be possible without the support of the funding we obtain through contracts, trust funds and individual donations.
Any donation or funding that we receive can either be restricted, whereby the donor requires that the donation is used for a particular purpose, or unrestricted whereby the donor allows the funds to be used within the general purpose of the charity as expressed in its approved charitable aims.
Our current fundraising objectives and campaigns are at a number of different levels
1) Individual Unrestricted Donations (e.g., funding that will contribute to any of the above at the charities discretion, subject to auditor approval.
2) Individual Restricted Donations (e.g.. For ICT, Books, Trips, Achievement Awards, to fund particular courses or projects, or to fund core charity administration and premises costs )
3) Long term fundraising

Current Fundraising Campaigns

Furnishing two houses for care leavers

We are currently working hard to refurbish two additional houses in Openshaw where we will be able to support more young care leavers to get a start on the path to independent living. We are aiming to raise funds to equip the houses with the home comforts that we would all want if we were living there.
Funding Target = £5000