The trustees and management team have consulted with staff and the community of service users in the construction of our strategy for 2015 – 2018. The strategy focuses upon the improvement in the lives of our community members and service users in the following ways;

Our strategy has identified the following priorities for our organisational progress

  1. Focussing upon consistent outcomes for community members
  2. To ensure we deliver outstanding an education to prepare school pupils for effective transitions
  3. To support vulnerable young housing tenants to become positive members of their communities
  4. To improve the life chances and choices of young community members through the provision of effective youth work provision
  5. To maximise the involvement and impact we have upon and within our community
  6. To provide out of childcare and education that adds value to the work of local primary schools in developing children aged 3 – 11
  7. To ensure that we manage , support and develop our staff to make the best contribution to all our strategic outcomes
  8. To ensure we plan for the involvement of our beneficiaries in all aspects of how we plan and deliver our intended outcomes
  9. To ensure our accommodation and resources serve our strategy
  10. To have the best governance, leadership and management systems that support staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to work effectively.
  11. To communicate our impact to stakeholders through marketing


The New Roundhouse
1328-1330 Ashton Old Rd,
M11 1JG