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Manchester Settlement is delighted to be commencing a programme of support for parents who are expecting, or have children aged 0 -2, the support aims to

Increase, in a sustainable way, their support networks in their communities, and their use of voluntary and statutory sector support services
Increase, in a sustainable way, the number and/or quality of friendships, relationships and connections with their communities.

Social and Skill Groups

Delivered by our partners the CeeBee Gold Foundations

A programme of social groups based around the interests of the mothers and fathers in an informal setting where they can build connections and friendships in a safe and friendly environment over refreshments. We will consult with the participants and facilitate activities that they can collaborate on such as creating hair and make up design, cake decoration, breast feeding shawls, art and craft projects and cook and eat sessions, where they can share recipes and cultural practices, as well as focusing on healthy versions of traditional food.


Ceebee Gold

Peer Support Education Programme

A programme of events, workshops, that are co designed and are responsive to the needs of participants, but will aim to have the following features
Increasing confidence by building on the strengths of the group to build relationships, share experiences and develop peer support networks, between members of the group and the wider community.
Ensuring that the courses are user led and build on the strengths of their collective knowledge.
Breaking down language barriers through peer support
Help and advice with accessing services by sign posting, providing information and support, and building relationships with healthcare workers who will be invited to provide workshops.
Help and advice with accessing information in an accessible format.
Advice, support and help with breastfeeding by encouraging peer support and organising workshops with healthcare workers.
Knowledge about the importance of good dental health for mother and child through building relationships with healthcare workers, and using the strengths of the group to provide peer support by sharing experiences and tips.
The health issues which particularly affect different BAME groups such as gestational diabetes.
Building better physical health for the mother throughout pregnancy and motherhood by making culturally appropriate healthy eating choices, and the health of the child through breastfeeding, weaning and an ongoing healthy diet.
Increasing better mental and physical health for mothers through exercise and positive activities.
Exploration of the practicality of sustainable choices such as breast feeding versus bottle feeding, and disposable versus reusable nappies.
Sustainable living through re-using, recycling and making beneficial economic choices.

Working with Fathers
Fathers will be welcome to all sessions.
Specific father focussed peer support education sessions will also be held